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Ausnindo's birthplace - Brisbane by night

Although Ausnindo (AAP) has a strong international presence, our axis of operations is the Pacific Rim - the gateway to Asia, which tends to be our primary client focus

Ausnindo Today

Now in our third decade from inception, Ausnindo has accredited itself as a worthy business ally to Australian and foreign companies seeking to bridge international boundaries, accessing and successfully competing in markets around the world and is now represented in Indonesia, China, Vietnam, United Kingdom and Germany.

Based in Melbourne, our consultants and partners also are active in the above locations, working closely with a variety of companies across all sectors of business, industry and commerce.

Our axis of operations is East Asia and the ASEAN nations, where our long established and mature networks within the government and private sectors serve our clients well.

Foreign Investment

Driven by our global network, Ausnindo is increasingly considered as a reliable Australia inbound investment facilitator for private and institutional investors.  In recent times, the firm has guided the placement of substantial funds for a variety of clients in areas such as resources, agriculture, tourism, healthcare and property.

In contrast, Ausnindo also facilitates Australia outbound investment, to our core localities including China and South East Asia, with interest also in South Korea, Europe, Canada and the USA.

Ausnindo Health

Established in 1988, the health portfolio has always been a core activity of Ausnindo.  Directed by the founder, Peter Wentzki, it is now well established and connected in a range of Asian destinations. 

Our integrated multi-disciplinary organization and services delivery capability, appeal to clients who are looking for the complete feasibility, planning, design and facility development package, which continues to open up new markets.

With our command of the hospital business in its entirety, we can deliver perfectly tailored solutions; we understand how to connect and work with local professional consulting firms, which helps to keep us competitive in foreign markets.

Whilst hospitals are primarily centres for healing, they must be commercially sustainable and deliver satisfactory return on investment for stakeholders. Whatever the geographical destination, we are attentive to local policies and regulations, are informed on industry trends and demographics, current healthcare and delivery standards.

As Asia enters a new era of hospital development and construction, Ausnindo Health represents an increasing portion of Ausnindo activities.  To this end, a new website is currently under development to illustrate the directions this division is taking.

In its 24 year existence, Ausnindo Health, which only does hospitals and clinics, has established itself as a leader in hospital planning, design and development in the UAE, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan and China.

We work exclusively outside Australia.


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Ausnindo claims more than two decades of in-market experience in Europe, the Middle East, North America, Canada, Pacific Rim and Asia in particular.



Within our profession, our success rate for identifying suitable foreign markets and our skills in the engineering of profitable and durable business ventures for our clients are long recognized. Our clients frequently compliment our teams' strategic focus, practical services and depth of in-country experience.

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