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Strategic Consulting Services
Ausnindo-Asia/Pacific strategic business consulting units provide a complementary range of resources and services designed to help Australian and foreign companies in meeting the challenges and succeed in the complex and rapidly changing markets in Asia and China in particular.



Ausnindo's primary focus is on working with clients in seeding, engineering and commercialisation of joint and other forms of business ventures throughout the Asia/Pacific, East Asia, Europe and the USA.

Now with twenty seven years in servicing Australia and Asia, our extensive public and private sector contact networks throughout the region, our achievements in Government Lobbying, coupled with a thorough understanding of the diverse political, commercial and cultural environments we work in, qualify us to respond to most sectors of business, industry and commerce intent on competing in Asia.

We aim to minimise
our client's risk, time, effort and costs
in expanding globally.

Whether the plan is building a strategic market position, negotiating investment or trade issues or a project specific focus, our aim is to minimise our client's risk, time, effort and costs.

The firm provides its services to clients from around the world.  We have built a track record as a capable facilitator, negotiator and business partner
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